Zooming image and Clear image preview


there are anyway to set config . when you upload image and click for preview and the image immedietly zooming in 10 times then Original image ? As i am facing issue that when i upload my pic and zoom in, the image is not really clear and the image still too small to see.

my image pixels size is 690 x 35000

on my nextcloud .config is

<?php 'preview_max_x' => null, 'preview_max_y' => null, 'preview_max_scale_factor' => 10, and try those preview generator apps setting occ preview x and y and quality image the result still the same. Anyone have get solution to help me fix this ? as i already do research for 2 days don't find any solution to resolve. thankyou,

I also responded in thread https://help.nextcloud.com/t/preview-image-not-scale-100-and-blurry

I uploaded your new picture:

(filename from preview: 81-4096-max.jpg )
(filename: 05ba5ed787239f792b41a5c74e47339321fc60b4.jpeg )

The preview is minimized because it is uses the browser window only from top to button. (Firefox)

With the click of browser zoom (+) it is shown as preview full size. The preview full size is scaled from 690 x 35000 to 81 x 4096 (div 8,5) on a normal nextcloud installation.

I think there are two problems:
a.) the preview is scaled from top to button and in your case very small.
b.) the original preview size with click on browser zoom is also too small.

I think you must solve both problems. With the configuration for picture preview (if it works) you can only solve the problem b.)

Perhaps you can use https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/sharingpath and access the pictures direct in your browser. The preview function in nextcloud has different problems for your picture size.

Perhaps you must first delete your preview images and then reconfigure the preview options.