Zip and Unzip feature from Web

Hi everyone.
From what i can see, there is no possibility to open (in read mode), create (on the server without download) o unzip archives.
It would be great to have such features, especially when you have to upload from webdav hundreds of small files (1-500 Kb).
If this is already implemented, apologize for the request.
Thank you very much for your attention.


I’m upvoting that idea, since it would be very convenient to be able to view a ZIP file’s contents by just clicking on it, instead of downloading the whole package and then unzipping it somewhere on your computer, just to look at its content.

The feature to unzip files was considered a security concern, see here:

Being able to pack files via zip would be a nice feature indeed.

Considering the fear of ZIP bombs: It’s possible to unzip a file into a isolated directory which gets strictly overwatched and controlled. If the size of that directory enlarges to an unsafe state, it gets cleared and the unzip process fails. As simple as that. The native ZIP/UNZIP library of any OS could be used for that, no?

I am aware of the zip bomb “exploit”. However we’ll apply quota and limits to files and folders so this shouldn’t be an issue.
From what I can see and understand here:
there is already the functionality in place so I think can be done.

Any idea?
Do you think we should create an app?

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For the record: There is an app which does the “extract” part (I didn’t try it so far):

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Hey guys! I’d like to know if anyone has been facing issues extracting .zip files. I tried with a 400 MB file and 2 GB file but it creates the “extraction” folder but it never ends
I keep waiting without closing the tab or navigating to other view and it never ends but it doesn’t show any error.
The “size” column says: “Pending”

I was really interesting to read! Thanks guys