Zinc instead of elastic search?

Zinc is an open-source alternative to elastic-search, which tries to be a drop-in replacement but much lower in resource use:

Might be cool if full-text search could be made to work with it.

alternative as it work the same ?

I have tested opensearch, which is also an alternative to ES, and it seems to work with the current app

Open search is a full fork, so no wonder it works.

Zinc is a completely different project which has some API compatibility with Elastic search.

So it would be cool if this could be tested with fulltext search and maybe add some workarounds where needed to have it work.

If it is not fully compatible, it will need a different app.
This can be done using fulltextsearch_elasticsearch as a base; however, I have myself no time to spend on this project other than providing help and answers to anyone willing to.

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… of ES… but somehow it sounds as if ES isn’t really all open source. So what’s the difference between the fork and ES? And yes, this question is OT, at least as first sight. But if open search would be the better choice then why not exchanging ES by it?

This might be faster to develop.

Open search was forked off by Amazon when elastic search changed the license of their product due to disagreements with Amazon.

IMHO both projects are not ideal anymore for use in Nextcloud. Opensearch is quite focused on their AWS integration.

Zinc could be an lightweight alternative that still retains compatibility with elastic search/ open search to some extend.