ZimbraDrive Nextcloud 19

I try to install this app on the last version of zimbra ose and everything seems to be good (between zimbra and nextcloud) but when you clic on the open-drive tab (in zimbra) nothing happen…

I think it is a compatibility problem isn’t it ?


if you’d check app-site of that app you’d see that there isn’t any version for NC19, yet

So either you’d file a featurerequest on their github-site or you’d wait for an update.
As NC20 is already in the pipeline (it’s already in beta4-phase) i’d suggest you’d ask for upgrading it to NC20… :wink:

Awww… and it would be nice if you’d relink your filed issue as another answer to this thread here.

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I am currently using NC18 with ZimbraDrive. But I switched to the WebDav solution from Barry GitHub - Zimbra-Community/owncloud-zimlet: Integrate Nextcloud, ownCloud or any WebDAV server to your Zimbra webmail.

Would now like to switch/update to NC19. The problem is that I am not sure if the authentication still works and if the users can log in.

The users are stored in the table oc_zimbradrive_users and the authentication is done by the OCA\ZimbraDrive\Auth\ZimbraUsersBackend.

Am therefore currently stuck on the NC18 version.

Is there a possibility to use at least the backend also under NC19 or is it still compatible?

Thank you very much for your feedback.