ZimbraDrive Nextcloud 14

Is nextcloud 14 going to have an updated release of zimbradrive (>0.8.20)?

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same question. when will there be a updated release for nextcloud 14 and (by the way) nextcloud 15?

Any updates? I just downloaded Nexcloud 15 and there is not support for Zimbra Drive

at least there is an open pullrequest about it…

which - sad but true - will put a solution mark on this thread.


Would like to ask? Is there any plan for releasing zimbraDrive extension that supported on Nextcloud 14/15?
Seems like getting an error when updating the version then after removing the ZimbraDrive extension, Nextcloud working back.


i’m afraid you would need to ask that on GH directly

Just change
‘nextcloud min-version=“9” max-version=“13”/>’
“nextcloud min-version=“9” max-version=“14”/>”
in zimbradrive\appinfo\info.xml

And good news, the GH issue for this is now ‘merged’, so we should see this app working for 14 and 15 without workarounds soon.