ZimbraDrive and NextCloud 16.0.3

Are there any plans in the works for ZimbraDrive to support NextCloud 16.03? 16.0.3 seems to now be the “production” release of NextCloud. We’d like to upgrade but we can’t until ZimbraDrive has support for 16.0.3. Hope there is an upgrade! ZimbraDrive os a GREAT App! :slight_smile:

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If you’re not getting an answer in this forum, I would try to contact one of the contributors to the project. It seems that the last commit to the project is from April this year.

The developers seem quite busy and understandably so. That’s why I Have updated the code for the NextCloud App to work with NC16. I have tested the code. It works 100%. I just can’t update the signatures.

If a more experienced NC developer can assist with that, I don’t mind contributing to a forked project or whatever seems best.

My modified code can be freely downloaded from:

Hope this helps some folks.