Zimbra Drive Extension Test

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PHP version (eg, 7.1): Sürüm: 7.2.24
Database: PostgreSQL 12.1

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I want to install and configure zimbra drive but i cant do this because test page result :
[OK] Zimbra Drive app installation test : Zimbra Drive app is installed.

[OK] Enabled Zimbra’s users test : Zimbra’s users are enabled.

[OK] Enabled Zimbra’s user login : Zimbra Drive authentication is enabled.

[OK] Is server url set test : The server url is set.

[OK] Is server port set test : The server port is set.

[OK] Zimbra host connection test : Zimbra Drive app can reach the host.

[FAILED] Zimbra authentication page connection test : Impossible to connect to Zimbra ( ssl verify result: certificate authority invalid )

[FAILED] Zimbra Drive extension connection test : Impossible to connect to Zimbra Drive extension (response http code: 0 )

I dont use ssl. Im connecting without https on 80 port. Can you help me ?

does the zimbra server require ssl?

Yes. It is working with https

i am far from being a expert in zimbra… i am just guessing from what i read.
the homepage of the app claims that it’s best to use ssl, indirectly hinting into that there could be a http-connection…
but if your zimbra-server doesn’t allow http-connections you won’t be able to connect using http.

that what i got from the text.

so maybe there is an option on your zimbra-server to allow http-connections? that would help, i guess.

but at the same time… it’s way safer to use SSL… and pretty much easier than like 2 years ago to ontain yourself a valid ssl-certifcate for your own server. if i was you i wouldn’t want to use http anymore.

Thank you for your comment but Im find it.
When I disable Enable certificate verification it is ok.
Now Im using http but i will use https instead of http.

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