ZimaBoard - Has anyone tried it?

I’m considering buying a ZimaBoard to run my Nextcloud. Has anyone here tried it and has suggestions I should considered before buying?

More specifically, I’m not quite sure yet about these things: How do ZimaBoard and CasaOS handle backups? Is there an easy and reliable way to get them done?

Up until now, I’m using NextcloudPi on an old RaspberryPi. Is there a good way to migrate without loosing data and with the less amount of reconfiguration to do?

I’d appreciate any help. Thanks a lot.

You would most likely need to perform the regular documentation method for migrating your data directory from nextcloud to the zimaboard nextcloud.

Ncp would have to be installed as a vm or via curl script. You might be better off with a standard Nextcloud installation for this device, or with Nextcloud AIO since docker development

By using ZimaBoard and CasaOS you will definitely lose some of your freedom with the software. Maybe you can better use an Intel NUC, AWOW Mini PC, …

I tend to agree and probably wouldn’t use it. Btw. Isn’t CasaOS the Chinese “NAS and Homelab” OS that looks like a macOS clone and, besides a few legitimate OSS apps like Nextcloud, has mostly dubious and proprietary CryptoMining apps in its own AppStore? :wink:

Technically, the Zima board is just a regular x86 PC on which you can install any OS you like, so it might still be a valid alternative even if you don’t want to use CasaOS

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Thanks, just. I’ll look into the migration process and consider if it’s worth the effort.

Anyone, feel free to trow in comments here, especially if you have tried out ZimaBoard.

Zimaboard is an x86 machine. It is flexible and should be excellent.

I like freedom as well and I know what you mean. But I also have to consider that the time I can devote to freedom (aka fiddling around in the command line) is limited right now. That’s why I’m looking for a solution that is easy to set up and maintain. I like ncp a lot in that regard.

Which alternative hardware would you suggest? Ideally with as little transition effort as possible.

You could continue to use Nextcloudpi. It supports x86 and should work fine on Debian or as a Virtual Machine image

Maybe Nextcloud All in One (AIO) is an alternative for you (GitHub) if you like Docker.

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Nextcloud All in One looks great as well. But do I need a ZimaBoard then? Aren’t the other single board solutions not pretty similar when it comes to work I have to put Into the set up?

The ZimaBoard is x86, but I don’t really need that much power. ARM would be enough, I think. So would I be better of with another board? And which one would that be?


x86 is not only faster it also has less restrictions. Maybe you like a NUC or another mini server based on x86. Pay attention to passive cooling and power consumption. Maybe ask in this forum for good hardware in a new thread.

There are multiple threads about this. Idea is you will get the performance you pay for. Zimaboard is fine, as we all have said. :slight_smile:

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Allright, I will do that then. I’ll compare the information I can find and if I have doubts, open a new thread. Thank you all.