Zapier integration, automate copy/mkd

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I was asked to check if there was zapier integration (automation for small tasks, for NextCloud and I couldn’t find anything useful on that topic, other than there is none. Is there anything planned in this direction? I’ve already contacted zapier and asked if they were planning to include NC in their apps list, this is how it went:


I’m working with moco at the moment (which is already in zapier) and I would like to see two things: 1) When I create an invoice in moco I would want it to be copied to a NextCloud directory, e.g. “moco_invoices” 2) When I create a new project in moco I would want zapier to create a directory in NextCloud called “P000xx name of project” where xx is the id of the project.

At least the second directory is shared and members of the team have access to it, so everybody sees the new project/files. There is an API for that (WebDAV Client API’s — Nextcloud Developer Manual 12 documentation) which should be able to take care of those tasks. Which is the way to go here, how likely is it that this will be integrated at some point?


Thanks for reaching out to us! That sounds like a pretty awesome workflow and app. I’ve gone ahead and added your vote to a standing request for this integration. While I can’t say for certain when this will get added I can promise that we’ll let you know as soon as it is!

I also recommend that you reach out to NextCloud’s team about your interest, as it’s typically the partners that create the integrations on our platform - that’s the fastest way to make it happen.

Even though this sounds rather generic, maybe there’s a way to get this done in the future? If there’s no integration planned, is there another way to achieve what I want? (i.e. copy files/create directories via script)

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Hi and thanks for taking initiative to reach out. Here is the github discussion on integrating apps such as IFTTT, etc. into a new app called “Nextcloud Wires”. Nextcloud team has told us on Github that any of these integrations will be through an app rather than part of core.

Zapier wasn’t discussed, but general discussion previously took place in an earlier thread in this forum. IFTTT channels for Nextcloud

As you’ll see from our earlier efforts, Nextcloud team immediately denied our request for them to reach out to IFTTT, who handles new integrations in a similar manner to your Zapier response.

I’ve continued to reach out to IFTTT’s friendly team, but have made no headway since I do not work for Nextcloud as an employee.

Exit: perhaps you could write a script that uses cadaver or other webdav interface + inotify. This way Nextcloud will pick up changes made by your scripts.

Hey just,
thanks for getting back to me and also for posting those links and details!

Quite a bummer that it got shut down so quickly, lets hope that this is a more fitting place to discuss the issue. Automation is a key element and will grow even bigger, Hopefully NextCloud members see this too and maybe throw us some pointers to achive this goal. I’ll read up on your links and see if I can help out somehow.

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Hello there,
I’ve just found this post. I’m also looking for an app like this.
Is there something new since the last year? Are you still interested in automation?

If something like this is possible with nextcloud we can bring more users to use NC instead of Google Drive or Dropbox.

i’m wondering, is there any news on this?

Your best bet is the Flow app, formerly called Workflow iirc, which allows us to call external scripts from Nextcloud. See this recent announcement.

node-red also supports Nextcloud as seen here

Collection of node-red nodes to download Calendars (CalDAV) and Contacts (CardDAV) and up- / download files (WebDAV)

@msbt how do we contact Zapier to add our vocal support for Nextcloud integration?

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Found this thread while trying to figure how to get airtable to work with my nextcloud tasks app.

@just it is requested here: