YubiKey or Solo open source FIDO2 security key helpful?

Nextcloud neophyte here. Would YubiKey or the Solo key work with Nextcloud password managers?

And if so, do Yubikey or Solo key offer any benefit?


I am currently working on master password support and after that i had planned to check if i can also use the 2FA providers which you can install for Nextcloud.

FIDO2 seems to be quite a new thing. I hadn’t heard of it before, but here was a decent decription. Here is another.

AFAIK, Nextcloud doesn’t support FIDO2 yet, but rather only the predecessor, FIDO U2F (AKA CTAP1).

Please dispel the perplexity on what will and will not work, at present!

I would love to see FIDO2 support in both Nextcloud server, and all the client apps.

FYI, Webauthn (aka FIDO2) is backward compatible with U2F.

There’s some criticism of webauthn verison 1 on its Wikipedia page. In short, the choice of RSA was not the greatest, and neither was ECDAA (a particular type of Elliptic curve encryption).

Better choices than RSA and ECDAA exist, so why weren’t they used (according to one auditing organization, who audited the security of webauthn)?

Not going to argue THAT point…

Gotta love standards by committee.

Still better that the other MFA options out there, IMHO. Some of the FIDO alliance members are working on better solutions to the chosen crypto. Hopefully in the next version.