Your web server is not properly set up to resolve `.well-known`

I had this error a long time ago and sorted it out with some redirect rules in my reverse proxy. I’ve just been upgrading NC from v26 to v29 and on the final step, from 28 to 29, I’ve started getting this again in the Security and Setup warnings.

I have NC 29 running in a Docker container
I have HAProxy running in another container on the same docker network

NC is accessed through a subdomain. That subdomain routes the proxy which then sends it to the cloud container. The NC container has NC running at root.

The proxy config is:

backend cloud
  acl wellknown-card-cal path_beg -i /.well-known/carddav
  acl wellknown-card-cal path_beg -i /.well-known/caldav
  redirect location code 301 if wellknown-card-cal

  server cloud cloud:80

If I visit:
I get to:

Which displays the expected page:

This is the WebDAV interface. It can only be accessed by WebDAV clients such as the Nextcloud desktop sync client.

Anyone know why this has started complaining again since upgrading to v29.

Plrease have a look into this thread:

Thanks. Saw that already but missed the final post. Ending the redirect with a / fixed it.

NC should probably update their documentation which shows no trailing slash.

Who should I tag?

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Should be posted in github as a bug in the documentation.