Your experience with Nextcloud on VPS: OpenVZ or KVM? HDD or SSD? And more than 1 GB RAM?

I am currently testing several Nextcloud setups and wonder which I should settle on. What is your setup, and your recommendation? OpenVZ or KVM? HDD or SSD? And would I need more than 1 GB RAM?

The fastest one is the snap installation on a KVM VPS with only 512 MB RAM but SSD-disks. But I wonder if 512 MB will be enough in the long run (with more and more apps in use). This is also the most expensive option.

The two others I’ve tested were on a OpenVZ server with 1GB RAM and cached SSD and another one with 1 GB on a KVM VPS with HDD disks. There were both slower although they had more RAM - I’ve set up caching on all of them, while in the snap installation everything was set up before, and more optimized maybe?

Amazon EC2 t2.micro (1gb ram) works great. I currently have NC11, collabora and checkMK installed. I have 30gb elastic ssd block storage.

It’s enough for my needs. Bandwidth and cpu speed is more than great.

Also it’s free for 1 year, so I can’t complain.

I’m surprised a t2.micro worked for you.

I tried a t2.micro and setup RDS for the MariaDB backend and my t2.micro was constantly rebooting itself after spawning too many apache2 processes. On top of that the CPU was constantly pegged anytime it had to run a process. I was having constant file lock issues as well (even though I had Redis configured and running) when syncing using the Windows client.

I ended up buying t2.medium reserved instance the performance is night and day. I suppose a t2.small would have sufficed, but with the additional CPU and RAM I had no problem adding collabora docs as well.

I can’t say it’s bad or slow or anything. I can even stream videos no problems whatsoever. And I would say I have quite a lot of tiles there.

Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 host
Percona MySQL

Thanks for your replies. Experiences differ. Installed apps can make a huge difference. I deactivated the JavaScript Chat app and login time was reduced dramatically. Replacing mysql with mariadb is also a good idea. Having done that, even 512 MB can be enough - at least if you don’t have much other stuff running on the server at the same time. I don’t see much difference between HDD and SSD so far.