Your data directory is invalid after upgrade and migration

I am seeing the following errors:

“Your data directory is invalid. Please check the data directory contains a file .ocdata. Permissions can be fixed by …”

We have both NextCloud and OwnCloud on our servers and I am seeing this issue after upgrade to 20.0.4 and migration to a new drive on the same partition, which was fully functional before. This error has been brought up by others in this forum, though there appears to be not much clear solution available.

From my end, I verified the presence of .ocdata and also optimized the permissions for the data directory using a bash script. Even after these recommended changes, I still see this issue persisting. Any suggestions to rectify this issue would be appreciated.

NC 20 is in development, no final version has been released yet. Regressions are possible, for such kind of testing you can directly refer to the developers on github.

However you might want to share a bit more details, the folder permissions are often wrong, you can try with sudo -u www-data ls -lisa /path/to/data/folder

@tflidd: thank you.

I have resolved this issue.

For details on what was done to fix the issue, please see this link.

Good Week !! :smiley: