You need to set your user email before being able to send test emails nextcloud

Please help me . I could not send mail’s.

You need to set your user email before being able to send test emails nextcloud

Well, did you do this? Personal Settings? Also you have to have some kind of basic mail setup on the server you are running nextcloud on. The server must be able to send mails. Or use an external mailserver. Also adjustable under settings.

Thank for response. Can you look this picture and say what I do wrong??

i see the following issues

encryption: ssl/tls (check spelling!)
port 465

try again… :wink:

I corrected this , but it stil dont working!!!

awwww… now i looked at the errormessage
and so i think you need to go to

setup - personal

and set your personal email there for your admin-account.

I do it also . I set my email ,addres,phone number and etc. , but when I reload the page whole inputs are going empty!!!(Sorry for bad English).

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dunno why… could be a different problem with your NC. but i can’t tell anything more.

maybe you could try entering not everything at once. just try your emailaddress and see if there’s any error-message.

and don’t be sorry for your english. mine is bad as well. :man_shrugging:

I register NC in a host , maybe problem is connected in a host

check your emails here… :wink:

When you’re typing your email adress in personnal - email adress, type the return key (enter in french) normally you will see a little box « saved » do you have this ?

Do you mean after when I type my email , i will be pressed Enter??

yes. after that you should get a green box saying : “saved”

no its also dont working . :neutral_face: This also notified me , that to add personal info like a email addres.

P.S . But when i changing my password in the below , its say me .

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how can I check my email here???.I don’t understand what do you mean…

You can’t check your emails there, it’s a configuration page for your user.
You have to write inside what is your email address : ex.
Once you have put this information, you can configure in the ADMIN Panel the SMTP settings in order to send notifications mails.
Just notifications.

If you want a webmail inside nextcloud you have ton install the MAIL app in the App Store and then configure it when you will open it for the first time, it’s not the same thing as we can see in your problem.

you can receive emails here in this board. private messages.

check the icon in the upper right corner. just click on it :slight_smile:

I have the same issue.
It’s not possible to update any fields in the user profile, neither as user or admin.

If I use chrome console, I can see “TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined” referencing main.js (reading ‘replace’) at object main.js… etc.

Did anyone ever find a reason for this happening?

Because it’s a bit catch 22, can’t set admin SMTP settings, without having a user email, and seems user email can not be set without SMTP email lookup.

An E-Mailadress is requiered in every user profile, even the admin’s otherwise the nextcloud will always throw this exception.