You don't have permission to write here. & Not allowed, you don't have permissions to add subfolders to that folder

On my desktop server, I have included my Documents folder from my Home folder using the external storage add on. BUT when I try to to copy and paste anything into that folder through the web interface, I am denied. It tells me, “You don’ thave permission to write here” despite the fact that I am an admin?

When I get on my laptop and try to download these folders which have been made available through external storage app on my desktop I get this message:

I’m not sure what the issue is.

I’m also in the process of setting up a raid Archive and have seen some similar issues dealing with permissions. I have, according to what I understand have made my data files available for edit by www-data, but as these Document files are in my Home folder this does not apply? What exactly do I need to do to change the permissions so that NextCloud is not hindered in this process?

I am completly unqualified to help but I have a simmilar but different issue.

This sounds like a linux permissions problem though. Does the web server user on your system have full access to those directories? and do they have the required permissions?

Maybe try chmod 777 temporarily on those directories to see if it works? If so its probably a file system permissions problem.


@Phillip_Spellman I actually ended up solving this in this thread here: Permissions issues on local external folders

I also ended up opening up an issue on the github page to try and clarify what exactly the permissions issues was with externally mounted local folders.

The issue was indeed permissions though it was multifold and somewhat complicated due to my particular setup.

While I have already fixed this issue using bindfs and by adding david to www-data and www-data to david groups, and changing the umask, I think this might be more easily fixed by changing the default writer permissions configuration of my nginx server.

Though that would still cause problems for folders and files created in Nautilus etc because their default umask would still be too restricted for www-data which means that the stuff I did fiddling with the dbus files would still need to be done in order for this to all work seamlessly.

And as noted in the Github issue there are still risks in setting up and using NextCloud this way, but so far I haven’t had any trouble.