"You do not have permission to upload files here" error

I had recently installed next cloud via docker. After completing the set up I went to go upload a file in the photos section and it gave me an error message saying “You do not have permission to upload files here” even though I am logged in as the admin.

I haven’t seen any documentation about this issue and need help.

You’ll have to provide your config files and detailed steps because this would not happen on a typical installation. Without more info, people could only guess at what might be misconfigured and probably send you on a wild goose chase.

When I went to install nextcloud I went to Docker’s List of containers and follow their instructions by running the command that was listed in the article. After running the command and installing the container I navigated to the localhost port I used (80:80) and signed into my nextcloud account. After completing the signing I navigate it to the files page and dragged and dropped an image that I wanted to upload. When I try to upload any image or media it brings up an error message stating that I do not have permission to upload files. Even after continuously checking and making sure that I wasn’t fact signed in as an admin on nextcloud and should not have any trouble uploading files. I couldn’t find any documentation from Docker or from nextcloud so I created a support ticket. I have also put numbered images of the steps are used below.

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