Yet another setback with HEIC format

Hi, I have a freshly installed NC server (version 23.0.3) running on a Raspberry Pi 4 machine with an extrernal ext4 drive and with php8.0. Uploading photos from my phone (Samsung A53) to the drive via the NC app results with error for all the HEIC photos (attached below). I see that HEIC format should be supported in this version so the thread I’ve found for NC 19 and NC 20 (here and in github) shoulnd’t be relevant.

Things I’ve tried:

  • insalling imagemagick + php8.0-imagick
  • installing the heic to jpeg converter app
  • restarting apache2 and the server after each step.

I’d appreciate your help with what might be missing.


Have you enabled HEIC support in Nextcloud using the ‘enabledPreviewProviders’ parameter?
Have you checked that ImageMagick really supports the HEIC format? → magick identify -list format