Year 2022 and the desktop app upgrade restarts computer without even asking


Why can’t the desktop app be installed like every other Windows software that does not require Windows restart? It does not even ask me if I want to restart, it just forces its way to restart. I am really dreading updating the Windows client. This is forcing users to stay on older versions.

Hi @tertavus

The Nextcloud clinet is by far not the only software on Windows that requires a reboot after upgrading. It is also not “every other Windows software” or just another simple app. It is a sync client that integrates with system components like Virtual File System and Windows Explorer. It certainly makes sense to require a reboot after upgrading such a software.

This is probably a bug and not intended behavior, and I agree that this shouldn’t happen. Maybe you could open an issue here: Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Now you’re getting a little dramatic. :wink: I’m sure you and your users will eventually manage to find a time slot, at which you can upgrade your sync clients and then restart your computers :wink:

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There is a feature request for updates without restart:


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