Wrong Task Bar Icon on Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.2

Hi all!

After some problems with the desktop client 3.11 on my Linux Mint system (21.2 Cinnamon) I was finally able to get the synchronization working again.
However, I still have an unpleasant error: The icon in the taskbar is only this one:
I can’t see at a glance what status the Nextcloud client currently has. However, since I work very actively on the system, I would like to see whether the currently saved data is synchronized without having to open the client first.

Does anyone have any tips on how I can fix this error?


Yes same here with two Laptops. After switching from Flatpak to distribution package it is fine.

Thanks for the tip.

I also suspected that the flatpack version was causing this problem. In any case, I have the impression that 3.11 doesn’t run quite as smoothly as it should.

I have now installed the distribution version 3.4.2 again and am waiting for the initial scan. If it runs properly, I’ll leave it at that. Actually, I had my problems with it, which is why I switched to version 3.11. But for some reason the old version is now apparently working again.

OK, now that the full scan has been completed, everything seems to be working as it should. Also the icons are now displayed as intended.

So my problem seems to be solved.

Looks similar to [Bug]: Update to 3.11.0 broke systray icon on Linux Mint 21.2 · Issue #6312 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub