Wrong Quota Calculation

I have a problem with the calculation of the quota for my account.
On a uber.space server I have Nextcloud running in the latest version. I joined another server via a Federated Cloud ID. After removing it, unfortunately, the quota of my account is no longer displayed correctly.
This is how it looks in the web interface:

After that my account occupies 3.7 GB. According to the files it is 1.4 GB. Also a query about du -h --max-depth 1 ./ results in an occupancy of 1.3 GB.

Can I have the quota recalculated? I have already tried via occ files:scan. Unfortunately this did not bring any improvement.
I think it’s the fderated cloud connection, which is now gone, but somehow still calculated.

I have a similar issue with NC 24.0.8, where the user is only having 114 MB used, nothing in trash etc,
however 5,1 GB calculated.

perhaps its this bug:

Maybe, but there is not a solution :frowning:

And you see what file or folder it is? In case of a folder, can you check the subfolder?
The du should normally give you the size on your file system, perhaps that value is cached…
Perhaps some hidden files??

The calculation of size with du is correct.
In the webinterface the calculation on the right site below files and folders is correct. But on the left site, the calculation of quota it’s wrong.
And the trash is emtpy.

The Nextcloud server folder of each user contains more, than the recent files and folders as well as trash bin.
There also exists in the server’s file system a hidden folder namend file_versions it may contain several older file versions before their modification.

Ok. This is du from my account on server:


Hmmm - is it possible, the the brower cache still uses cached data?
Ether clear the browser-cache or reload the page. Or a different browser (if installed) might help.

I don’t have more ideas.

In the admin interface of the users, the 3.7 GB is also displayed.
I think it’s because I accepted an invitation via Federated Cloud ID and then left. I uploaded data there and it seems to still be charged for somehow now.
Is there anything I can do to trigger a recalculation?

If nothing helps, I will delete all data and upload again. Then, unfortunately, the shared links are gone. But maybe this will help me…

You should post a bug report at Github.

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I reopened it here [Bug]: Quota: total is wrong calculated, thus relative is also not correct follow up from 10693 Deleted file is not recognized · Issue #36403 · nextcloud/server · GitHub after I updated the NC

my issue was this: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/25283
try to execute (make a backup before):
UPDATE oc_filecache SET unencrypted_size=0 WHERE encrypted = 0
however you seems to do that every time or set up a cronjob
I disabled the encryption module as I am not using it, perhaps I would use cryfs instead if required.

You all use the server-side encryption, right?

not actively, but I only had the service side application turned on.
I have now turned it off.
If I need to encrypt the files I would use cryfs or such.