"wrong path, file/folder not exist"


Recently we I cannot upload large files to my next cloud drive any more.
The files are ~ 40GB, and I always get the error above.
Could someone tell me why? (btw we do have enough space left)

So small files still work?

And if large files worked before, what has changed since?

Having a bit more information, especially the logs could be helpful. What might play a role is that the temporary folder is not large enough and more filled up compared to before.

A few starting points from the documentation:

(ideally, the different causes should give you slightly different errors.)

HI tiflidd,
Thanks for your reply!. The links seems to be very useful, I’m going through it.
Yes Small files still work.

I don’t think anything changed, other than Nextcloud app updated by itself?

We are constantly transferring datas from my end to my colleagues, so there is he’s been constantly deleting the files that I uploaded and he finished downloading. Does this matter?

Could you please let me know where to look for logs? I couldn’t find it other than the screen shot I took above.

Here you have a few pointers in the documentation:

On top of that, the webserver logfiles can be interesting as well.

If the upload didn’t finish before you download and delete it, this can be problematic. In theory, this should not happen. For the uploads in the documentation, it can problematic if the temp folder is too small etc.