Wrong domain in Nextcloud Talk after Domain change

I recently changed the domain of my Nextcloud AIO instance, and there seems to be a problem with Nextcloud Talk after that, everything else works fine. I get the following error in the Nextcloud logs, so I think somewhere there is still the old domain in a config, but I can’t find the right place to change it.

Here is the log:

Does anyone know where to change find the setting or file?

Thank you for the help

Hi, you probably need to change the configured domain in the talk admin settings after your domain change…

Oh you are right, I checked in every config file I could find, but fogot that xd, thanks anyways. Now after chaning, I get a checkmak at Backend, but the TURN server still doesnt seem to work, it has an explanation mark in the settings and when I do “docker container ls” it says:
25c50420bb3b nextcloud/aio-talk:latest “/start.sh superviso…” 52 minutes ago Up 52 minutes (unhealthy)>3478/tcp,>3478/udp, :::3478->3478/tcp, :::3478->3478/udp nextcloud-aio-talk

and the log of the talk container looks like this:

Is there still something wrong with the STUN server?