Wrong checksum for NextCloudPi_RPi_07-25-22.tar.gz


For information, I have the wrong checksum for the latest release of NextcloudPi with the file NextCloudPi_RPi_07-25-22.tar.gz
I have 77ecf533a80aacefe8bad43c4f9615d8 in MD5 instead of 04a966f98d7d29d191e65227e717253d
The file is downloaded from Releases · nextcloud/nextcloudpi · GitHub

I tried several times and the checksum is correct for the previous release NextCloudPi_RPi_07-24-22.tar.gz downloaded from the same page.
So I will start from this older version and upgrade after install.

It’s not blocking but I create this topic to let you know.

Edit: format correction

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Thanks for the information. I will check this as soon as possible by myself.