Writing notes in Org-Mode

I, as they say, ‘live’ in Emacs and synchronise my files with Nextcloud.

I recently discovered the notes app, which is great as I can easily write notes in Markdown in Emacs.

It would be even more awesome if I could write in Org-Mode.

Two questions:

  • How can I add the .org extension to the list of possible note files?
  • Can Nextcloud be enhanced with an Org-Mode parser?


Hi @danderzei and welcome to the community support forum :wave:

The correct place to request a new feature for the Notes app is in the corresponding issue tracker at GitHub.

Though i highly doubt that this will be implemented, as the focus of the Notes app is to provide a distraction free Markdown editor. Considering the limited resources of this community driven app, the fact that Markdown is the “de facto” standard in the Nextcloud eco system (supported by Nextcloud, Tasks, Deck, Notes and many others) and keeping in mind that an editor for org-mode needs to be adjusted to the same look and feel as the Markdown editor, it is very unlikely that enough people are interested in implementing and maintaining such a feature.

As maintainer of the Notes Android client i can already tell you that i am not interested in this feature - it seems to be an edge case since none of the > 10.000 users has ever requested this feature yet. I might reevaluate my decision of course, if there is a considerable amount of people requesting this feature in the future.

If you really rely on org-mode i recommend you to stay with .txt as file extension and use whatever client you want - just synchroize the files with the default Nextcloud sync client in this case :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the honest response. It would help a whole lot if I could choose .org as an extension. Is there a config to change the possible extensions?

I am not aware of the possibility to configure the available set of extensions, though i believe that this might be a valid feature request (see issue tracker at GitHub) with a chance to get implemented :man_shrugging:.

I don’t expect this to be configurable at the UI, appropriate will probably be some kind of config.php file where one can set the available extensions once.

As Notes Android maintainer i would support configurable extensions if the available options are exposed via the REST-API (but that’s an implementation detail which i will discuss with the maintainer of the Notes app if he decides to accept the feature request :wink: ).

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And for reference: Here is the link to the created issue Ability to change defualt file extension · Issue #722 · nextcloud/notes · GitHub :slightly_smiling_face: