Write out 755 permissions - Currently drwxr-sr-x

Hi Hi,

Our setup:
Nextcloud 20 installed
Users auth via LDAP
Single shared folder with all users (It’s an NFS share)

Our Problem*

User-A creates folder
User-B can’t write/create files within User-A’s folder

When any AD user authenticates and creates a folder the permissions are drwxr-sr-x (741).
The sticky bit is on purpose so others connecting to the NFS share not via nextcloud will write out folders with a consistent group.

drwxr-sr-x  2 apache     mygroup 4096 Feb  3 10:02 acl_test

I’m somewhat running out of ideas, any suggestions?

Every post on the forum is a reference to the original data file permissions, which a chmod 777 folder would fix.

I’m more looking for all users to be able to write in any folders any other user creates.