Write diaries on a daily basis

Hello guys

Would be nice to have an app for writing private diaries on a daily basis. Similar to notes in markdown but automatically creates and arranges them by day.

Could use the notes app but too cumbersome. Just want to hit an “add” button, write few sentences every day without worrying about naming, folders and structures.

What do you think?

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You could just add a button in the text editor to save as a diary entry and it saves the file with a date into a specific folder.

A great suggestion exactly what I was looking for, tflidd’s suggestion is not going to work, this needs to be associated with the calendar for event retrieval.

You can use apps like this to get a private blog in nextcloud.

I second this. PicoCMS have blog themes. The only current issue is that you have no Mardown editor that suits the PicoCMS format. You need to use an external editor. Hope thsy will solve that.

I’m also interested of some diary function. Preferably something that I also can easy do a post from my iphone. Anyone who got something like this to work?

I am also interested in a diary or “journal” to make memos in a chonological way. Diarium vom Timo Partl (timopartl.com) but integrated in the nextcloud would be nice.