Would my backup solution work effectively?

Hi, I currently have a small NextCloud server setup for about 15 users (300gb space). This server backs up daily, however the backups are stored locally in /var/nextcloudbackups.

I understand external backups may be more reliable and would help save storage space on this server.

I was looking at external storage servers, I’ve found a few (SYS seems to be a good offer 2TB @ £5/month) although this part isn’t too important (Any recommendations would still be helpful.)

So I plan on using sshfs or something similar to mount the external storage server as a folder on my NextCloud server.

I have the following main questions about this:

  • How easy is it to setup a service like sshfs or similar.

  • Are there any issues with using sshfs for backups like this.

  • I currently use this backup script will that still work with deleting the old backups from this drive and treat it just like a normal folder?

  • Anything else anyone feels like I should know.

Thanks, Tom.

sshfs is nice. but in case of network upsss the mount point may stall. -> error
backup to the same fs isn’t a good idea anyway. (rm -rf /* :wink: )

look at restic.
restic is a simple yet powerfull backup tool.
restic can back up to aws s3, openstack, google, … data are encrypted. should be save. and you don’t need a server.
in combination with rclone you have a lot more targets.

sample resitc script: Rsync to cloud storage for backups?

Hi, thanks for your reply!

Is there still a way to connect to another external server and have the backups rest there?

How easy is it to restore a backup and what is the process of doing so using Restic?

Thanks, Tom.

no problem


Thanks for your help, for some reason I can’t download this with Ubuntu 18 LTS Server

E: Unable to locate package restic

Is the error I am getting, any ideas?

The restic package is in the universe repository, perhaps you haven’t yet enabled it in your /etc/apt/sources.list?

yeah. that’s a bit old school again. it’s more or less like this:

wget https://github.com/restic/restic/releases/download/v0.9.4/restic_0.9.4_linux_amd64.bz2
b2unzip restic_0.9.4_linux_amd64.bz2
mv restic_0.9.4_linux_amd64.bz2 /usr/local/bin/restic