Would love to see a UX and/or design team

Yes, before anyone says it, I understand that graphic design and UX design are completely different things. I’m just interested in both. :slight_smile: Yes, I’d be interested in contributing. For the design team, I’m thinking of something like the Visual Design Group in KDE, that is a team that devs and app devs can approach when they need visual elements or advice on keeping the design style cohesive with the rest of Nextcloud.

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Sounds awesome! :slight_smile: cc @jan

As an Android dev I would love that simply since this would also speed up things and I would like to see things speed up :smiley:

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Just as in ownCloud before, of course we’ll build a design team again, and everyone is welcome. :slight_smile:

We have a designers team on Github (which I also just added you to @Bugsbane). It can be mentioned by simply using @nextcloud/designers.

And on IRC we have the channel #nextcloud-design (on freenode) where everyone is welcome, be it designers and developers needing design-help or wanting to learn more.

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Thanks @jan! Happy to be onboard!