Workspaces? how to use?

I have NC 28.,0x, workspaces 3.20

I am trying to use work spaces.

My undstanding is that using a workspace, all things that you use(files, task lists, photos, calendars, etc…) will be available to those in the work space.

As an admin, when I create a test workspace. there seems to have been a group folder that was created for it.

AS admin, I am able to add users to the workspace. But, as a user, accessing the workspave app, I get the error:

Error 403

You aren’t allowed to access into this application !

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I likely do not understand how it works.

But, besides configuring the group folder app as per instructions by the workspace app, I have not been able to find any documentation on how to use this workspace app.

Can some one point me to references of guides to learn how to use workspaces?


@z4k I suspect, you might be able to help here or be at least interested in the topic, I guess. Just forwarding here.

The app adds a couple of new user groups to your Nextcloud instance.

  • GeneralManager
  • WorkspacesManagers

In the Users settings in Nextcloud, you’ll at least need to add your user to both of those groups.
Then in the Administration Settings in Nextcloud, you need to:

  • Add GeneralManager to the Group folder admin delegation dropdown
  • Add WorkspacesManagers to the Specify below the groups that will be allowed to manage group folders ... dropdown

Then you’ll be able to access the app from the menu icon.

More info here: workspace/ at main · arawa/workspace · GitHub

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @jvantslot

I think that I learned a little more, thanks! :slight_smile:

In order for a user to be able to access that group, I need to add them to the workspace, right?

OK, this is great. I have workspace, but besides the obvious of sharing folder, what else does it do? I watched a nextcloud video:

This is for circles, but the idea of what intreged me.

Unless I misunderstood, for each work space, there seems to be a way to add things from next cloud to this page related to your project:
task list

Is this what Workspaces does? The video seems to talk about circles, but workspace does this too?



I’m wondering the same thing. Not sure yet what the purpose of Workspaces is. It seems to be similar to regular Group Folders, unless I am missing something.

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@jvantslot @z4k

The video that I showed seems to allow on to bring multiple pieces of NC used for a group to a workspace. But, this seemed to be for circles.

Beside allowing management tools which are clearing stated, what else can be done with it?

Hi @smokinjo and @jvantslot :slight_smile:

Workspace is similar to an extension for GroupFolders.
The difference between both is that with workspace you can :

  1. Manage groupfolders (Create, Read, Update and Delete)
  2. Define quotas on groupfolders
  3. Add and remove users in groupfolders
  4. Create subgroups to a workspace and define finer ACLs from Files

All without admin rights, unlike the groupfolders application and through the workspace application interface.

Are my explanations clearer?

For the configuration point : To use the Workspace app, you must follow these steps :

  1. Add the GeneralManager and WorkspacesManagers in group limitation from the app (Settings > apps > Workspace)

  2. Go to the groupfolders app (Settings > Groupfolders) and define the GeneralManager in the first field and WorkspacesManagers in the second field. These fields authorize one or more user groups to use the Groupfolders API/Rest

  3. Then, add your own or another user to the GeneralManager group. The GeneralManager can access to the workspace app and manage workspace (Create, Read, Update and Delete)

  4. Finally, go to the workspace app ( and enjoy to use the workspace app

Same question : Is it clearer for you ?

Thanks @christianlupus for the ping :pray:

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Thanks for this.

It makes more sense.

Another quetsion came up.

When creating a new workspace, it creates two group names, not one.

Why is this?