Working URLs for cookbook

i found out that someone already asked for working URLs on the app-site itself. and sure enough there are already some.

so we should decide where to add working URLs in the future… here at the forum or there?

I think it makes more sense to report which URL’s don’t work, and then report them as issues. We can then determine whether we need to contact the site and get them to tighten up their compliance, or whether we should patch the HTML parser in the app.

In any case, the discussion takes place over on GitHub, not so much here :slight_smile:

i’m ok with that. i just wanted to avoid to have the -site as being another place to have another discussion or another collection of data/stuff.

rock on!

Here are some of the working URLs from previous post.

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And a few more.

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Sorry guys, none of the named URLs is working for me. I must be making a mistake. Can anyone give me a hint, what the problem might be.
I am copying the recipe-URL from my browser (e.g. Jamie Oliver’s site ) and paste it into the Recipe-URL field on the left side of the Cookbook app in each and every case I get a “Could not add recipe” answer.
What am I missing?
Using NC16, german locale.