Workflow with forms

I want to fill the Form with some Infos
After fill, the Form will Go to User XYZ, User XYZ fill in the Form some more information.
Wenn User XYZ Safe, the Form Go tu User xxz2, User xxz2 also can fill some more information to the Form,…

The Last User can archive the Form and inform the First User.

So, the worker want to become a Workphone, the small Boss must give His OK for the Phone.
Than the Form Go to the Organisation, they buy the Phone, than the Form and the Phone Go to the IT.
Wenn the IT has configurate the Phone, the First User become info

Forms is no work flow app, so what you want is out of scope of this app.

at least the first step looks like classic approval app topic.

How about just making a document template, which is then gradually enriched and approved by each step? Here you can use the native approval app, hence you have the flow you are looking for (but without using forms though)?