Workflow - Win/iOS/Linux

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out how to approach this cloud based workflow I am going to try and setup.

My goal is to have 1 storage location which is used by Nextcloud but is also mountable to all my home Windows and Apple Fat Devices.

Not making it to complicated, I was planning on doing this:

  • Create Ubuntu server
  • Give it Datastore Disk. (ext4)
  • Let Nexcloud use the Datastore Disk.
  • Share the disk to Windows and OSx (local)


  • My mobile devices will use the nextcloud app for syncing,
  • Remote machines (not local) are also using the nextcloud app for syncing
  • Local Windows and OSx machine are hard mounted to the drive and don’t use the Nexcloud app.

I want to be able to manage the datastore without the use of the Nextcloud app. So when I need to rearrange or rename files and can just do it nativly in Windows or something.

Now if anybody can shoot at this idea, and maybe point me in a better direction… .thanks.
I am also still doubting to format the datastore in ext4… I keep feeling this is not going to help me in the long run when using direct mount on Windows.

Thanks Already!

You could set up a local SMB server use this as network drive, then also use this via external storage in Nextcloud.

Or, you mount directly the Nextcloud webdav-storage. Mac/Linux can do this out of the box, Windows support is very poor and you should use 3rd party software (duck-drive or something like that was free, there is also paid solution netdrive and another paid one).