Workflow to import from Google Drive

Hi! Please, help to create a workflow to import a shared document from Google Disk and rewrite the already existing document with it, and do it on a daily basis. Thanks!

That would be done in Google Drive itself. Drive has not been supported in Nextcloud directly for a longtime, but you could manually set up access using Rclone. Instructions for that are outside of what is supported on this forum, but it is easy enough to setup using their documentation and forum.

Hi! Thanks for the hints. I am not so quick in writing scripts in nextcloud, which might be use in the workflows. Perhaps, there are some similar ones, which are already working?

Maybe you can try to mount the Google Drive share as a FUSE mount to a folder on your server and then add the folder to your Nextcloud using the External Storage app. That way you wouldn’t have to copy or sync the file back and forth, but instead you could edit it directly from your Nextcloud.

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