Workflow group selection limited to 20 groups


I just noticed that when creating a workflow with the group membership check the dropdown menu for selecting groups is only filled with 20 entries.
I could not find a way to select a group which not included in those 20. When starting to type a name of a group i only get results from those 20 and even when entering the complete name of the group I want I cannot select it.

To reproduce this I set up a fresh install using the 27.1.1 docker image and created 25 groups named “1” through to “25”

Then when creating a flow I have no way to select the groups 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9.

It’s simple enough to change the group in the oc_flow_checks table and when I change the group in the database the group shows up correctly in the interface and is also selectable in the dropdown for new flows.

Am I just missing the correct way to select groups or is this a bug in Nextcloud?

Thanks for any Help

Thank you very much.
I have the Same Problem.

Where do i find the OC_Flow_checks ?
How can i edit the things in there ?

oc_flow_checks is a table in the database.

How you edit that depends on your setup, wether you use sqlite or mariadb/mysql.
If you do not know your way around databases I suggest you do not do changes to the database manually, you can easily break your Nextcloud installation.

Basically I created a flow with one of the groups I could select. Then I checked the oc_flows_operations table for my newly created flow, the “checks” column has a list of checks this flow uses.
You can use those ids to find the corresponding check in the oc_flow_checks table.
The check should have a class of “OCA\WorkflowEngine\Check\UserGroupMembership” and the value column should contain the group that is checked.
I changed this value, checking the oc_groups table for the correct group id.

But as I am not the only one having this problem I guess this is indeed a bug in Nextcloud. I will report this on GitHub so having to manually go into database to select a group if you have more than 20 is hopefully not necessary much longer.

I reported this on GitHub as it seems to be a bug.