WordPress on Existing NextCloud Installation

Full disclosure: I am an absolute noob when it comes to advanced level IT stuff.

I have a up and running installation of NextCloud on my Ubuntu Virtual Machine. I want to generate folder share links that can be opened on any network and share them through emails. Right now, this is not possible because the links are generated containing my IP address and can only be opened if the person who opens them is on the same network as mine.

One way to do this. I think, if I install NextCloud on WordPress. Then I can share the links through a public domain. I am almost sure, that I am wrong on this and there are other less complicated options.

Regarding WordPress, I have made an account online but the actual installation of it on my Virtual Machine has not yet been started.

My questions: How can I configure an existing installation of NextCloud on my WordPress domain ?

um… dunno about WP. most probably it would be even more complicated than what would be common to do here.

  • apply for a free dyndns-account (there are several providers)
  • adjust settings for your router
  • point it to your vm
  • apply for a let’sencrypt ssl-certificate
  • adjust your NC-instance.
    and ready.

for all of these points you’re gonna find theads here on the forum.

have fun :slight_smile:

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One question before I dive in: Should I do these in the order you mentioned ?

yes, if possible. or would you know how to adjust your NC-instance before you know the specifications on what to change and how? just as an example.

Unfortunately, I don’t know. But, I am guessing all the changes will be made through .config files of NC and Apache.

so yeah… why not trying the order i suggested, then? :wink:

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Ok. Let’s see how far I can reach. Thanks for the info.

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