Windows11 nextcloud client doesn't work

a friend of me has a PC, with windows11
since an update of windows11, Nextcloud client doesn’t work
I have uninstalled Nextcloud client , downloaded last version and installed it
I have removed Nextcloud folder

BUT when I activate the main dialog box of Nextcloud client,

  • it says that there is a synchronisation with the previous server, but which is no more active
    *there is no click button to remove this link and to add a new server

WHat is the problem ?

Capture d’écran du 2023-11-26 10-34-32

First of all run cmd command window as administrator and execute:

chkdsk /r /f C: <Enter>
If you ared asked to run the scan after reboot, type in


Reboot the computer, let chkdsk check and repair the file system and try to run Nextcloud client again.

If the error persists:
Exit Nextcloud client and rename C:\Users< username >\AppData\Roaming\Nextcloud\Nextcloud.cfg

Start Nextcloud client and configure the settings new.

Background: If there is a mis-configuration in Nextcloud.cfg the client cannot handle it and crashes or shows strange bahavior.

Thank you mornsgrans for your answer,
I have said to my friends to remove configuration file
I hope that they will anderstand what to do (they are not comfortable with informatics)
the difficulty is that they don’t want someone to connect remotely on their PC


There’s no downward facing arrow next to the username?

(It looks like it’s redacted in your image so I can’t tell from your screenshot).

What was behavior after updating Windows 11, but before you uninstalled the original client? A monthly Windows update shouldn’t have broken the client outright in the first place. Perhaps there are some clues in the original situation.

effectivly, no downward facing arrow
the synchronisation worked well before , but I don’t know from when the synchronization is stopped
I have suggested to my friends what was proposed by Mornsgrans
and I have to wait for them to make the opperation