Windows update 1903 has killed desktop client 2.5.2

The symptom is that on running the client the cursor flashes to busy then nothing happens. Running from the command line does the same with no error message. Winding windows back to the previous build fixes it but that is not a permanent solution as the upgrade will be forced on me sooner or later. Windows version is Home on a Dell laptop.

Can’t confirm that, I’m also on W10 Home 1903 for weeks now and noticed no such issues so far.

tested 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 on w10pro 1903 v18362.175 … no such behaviors.
Works fine.

Problem solved. I reset windows, reinstalled all my software and it’s working. Must have been something in the lovely registry. Bit drasyic but there was another program misbehaving too.