Windows server nexcloud

good evening, I want to run nextcloud server on a windows computer. In time I did it with owncloud in version 8 using xampp, copying to owncloud htdocs and it worked for me. I want to do it with nextcloud but I am not capable, I create the database and when starting nextcloud, to create the administrator user, I select mysql with said database and it gives me an error. which may be the problem or is it that it cannot be done in windows like when I did it with owncloud. thanks

Why don’t you have a look at the system requirements?

Or use the search function… There are already some threads discussing Nextcloud on a Windows server. But it’s not officially supported.

Perhaps the easiest solution today is to install either Hyper-V, install a Linux image or user Docker for Desktop (Hyper-V needed) and use a community build Nextcloud docker image.