Windows Remote Access to Nextcloud running on FreeNAS

Hi guys,
my name is Mike, 60year old German and I need your fantastic help.
To be honest, my knowledge about FreeNAS and Nextcloud is very poor, therefore I´m a little bit proud that I installed a running FreeNAS at home and also installed a running NextCloud as a plugin - all with the help of the internet and youtube. So thanks to ALL of you, I´m very thankful.
“Running” regarding NextCloud means, that I can login in the admin portal of Nextcloud on my computer at home.

But now, my possibilities arrived an end when I try to access the Nextcloud from OUTSIDE my home/network using a Win10 Notebook or Android cell phone with installed client or app.

Before I send you my data, let me write, that I´m using a FritzBox 7590 and I activated already a DynDNS with With this, I could access my FreeNAS admin login from outside - but this is not what I want ;-))

I think, I´m only a small step away from success, but I tried all and now I need the help of you fantastic professionals.

Here are some data you might need to ask me further questions - and please be patient, if my answers are stupid, I don´t now very much - sorry for that.


FreeBSD 11.3-RELEASE-p11 amd64

DynDNS active
Ports 443 and 80 open for FreeNAS Server on

Thanks in advance for all your patient and help!


Hi @MikeRoSoft , I never use FreeNAS but I think you need to have shell access inside your jail and add your domain in the trusted domain section to avoid an error but to have access to your nextcloud instead of your FreeNAS login page I don’t know.

see: How To Setup External Access to NextCloud (installed on FreeNAS) - YouTube

do you reach your nextcloud page or freenas admin page when you browse to this ip. (at home).