Windows freezes completely for up to a minute

Dear NectCloud-Team,

we are using NC very extensivlly. We have just installed the new release. However, like in the previous version Win 10 freezes completle for up to a minute (or even longer) while the client is searching for changes or is doing some synchonisation work (it is not possible for us to see the exact reason).

To be honest, if this is not going to change in the near future we will have to look for an alternative solution (allthough we like the functiontions). Is there any relief we can hope for?

Thanks and best regards
Thomas Borchmann

Take a look into the documentation how you can try to obtain a few logfiles:

There you hopefully find a few more pointers. A bit more information would be helpful, how many files are you syncing, anything particular many shared folders, group sharing, external storage, Nextcloud version etc. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for all Windows 10 users. Also is it a problem for all of your user accounts.