Windows File Share/SMB Issues with LDAP/AD

We are running a Windows File Share system across a lot of users, and formally had used Pydio for this until recently it had stopped working, and I have realized that the version we had running is seriously old (almost five versions behind). Because of this, and the major change in Pydio being more enterprise-centric, I decided to take on this project and move instead to Nextcloud.

To give an idea, our setup consists of Shibboleth SAML for Single Sign-On, and LDAP, both which would tie the user to the appropriate file service they needed to be directed to. I have managed to get LDAP working where users can log in to Next cloud with their LDAP/AD credentials, however, I am having issues adding a Windows File Share server, and not sure what I am doing wrong here. I do see guides for the “External Storage” app and am using the SMB/CIFS option, filling out the fields accordingly but none of the options are working. Not sure if there is another way to better approach this? As for reference, I am using the standard Docker-compose install of Nextcloud.

If anyone who has worked with Windows File Share/SMB it would be awesome to get some idea on how to set this up accordingly!