Windows Desktop pending sync state

Hi there!

We have a Nextcloud 20.0.9 in Ubuntu 20.04 + PHP 7.2 + MySQL 5.7.33 + Apache 2.4.29.

All is working fine on the server side and on android side.

However, when trying to sync with Windows Desktop (3.2.0), folders remains on “Pendind Sync” state even when the client icon on notification area says is already sync fine (we checked the sync is done right):

We are using virtual files support.

We have tried absolutely all you can imagine to solve this without success.

Anyone saw this same behavior? Any clue?

Many thanks!


got the same issue.

however when editing the file (take a txt file for example) upon save of the file the pending goes away and a green checkmark appears.

a restart of the nextcloud client does not fix the issue.

i have some large SMB shares mounted as well. maybe not related.

I had the same issue a couple days ago when I was using Windows Desktop Client 3.2.0.

I noticed 3.2.1 was recently released, and it seems to resolve the issue for me (release notes here). I couldn’t update directly from within the client as checking for updates showed that it was “the latest version”.

I used the following steps (feel free to comment a more efficient procedure if you find one):

  1. Uninstall Desktop Client 3.2.0.
  2. Reboot.
  3. Delete the Nextcloud sync directory (this step may not be necessary, but if you don’t have many files, it should be too big of a setback).
  4. Install Desktop Client 3.2.1.
  5. Reboot.
  6. Sign in, create new folder in same location as before and sync as usual.

Best of luck!

Edit: It seems to fix the issue initially, but after editing a file at least once, it remains in the pending status :frowning:

Same issue here with client 3.2.1 from Windows 10.

Here is the relevant GitHub issue:

This issue is marked as solved but the problem persists, even on the latest 3.5.0 rc3 on Windows 10. I am trying to keep this new issue “live” and avoid auto-close.

For me it’s only happening with small (<5KB) files that I’ve told the sync client to “free up”. My workaround is to just keep those files on my hard drive, since their cumulative size is only about 20MB:

  1. In Windows File Explorer, browse to the Nextcloud folder.
  2. In the search box at the upper right, type size:tiny hit enter and it will find all the files under 15KB
  3. Make sure you’re on Details view, and add the “Status” and/or “Availability Status” column to the results window.
  4. Select all of the files with status “Sync pending”. Right-click one of the selected files and select “Always keep on this device” . Once this finishes, if you hit F5 you should notice all the files now have a solid green circle checkmark.
  5. Again select all of those files that now show “Always available on this device”, right-click them and once again select “Always keep on this device” (which clears the checkmark next to that menu item)
  6. Now the files should have the green/white checkmark, and the sync client will stop trying to sync them all the time.

I suppose the other workaround would be to disconnect your account on that computer, delete all those <=5KB files, then reattach your account and point to your existing folder. I haven’t tried that though…