Windows desktop NC client 3.2 does not start

After upgrading my NC desktop client to 3.2.0 it does not start. All I get is message:

“The program can’t start because CLDAPI.dll is missing from your computer”

What the hell is this?

Hi, see CLDAPI error · Issue #3063 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

Thanks. I already uninstalled 3.2 and put back 3.1.2 and everything works. I’d like to know what important was changed between versions, but could not even find changelog.

Anyway, making NC-client without any notice suddenly win10-only is imho another big mistake. Maybe even bigger than releasing NC-server 21.x with broken e2e-encryption…

Someone, as me, could update the software and becoming mad to understand what’s happening. I would you remind that someone is using the software, and a communication of such important decisions could be useful.

my Windows version is Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB version 1607 (build 14939.4350). This version is a supported by Microsoft for 10 years. So I have a valid and fully supported Windows version, but I still get the above error message.
I think the license check must be done in another better way to exclude not valid Windows versions from the desktop client.

Please add your information to issue at GitHub. Link: