Windows Desktop Client not showing contents of some folders

We’re using Group Folder and are seeing a strange problem with Windows Clients.
Some folders inside group folders, e.g. Groupfolder\myfolder\mysubfolder seem to be empty, i.e. the directory structure is there but no files inside those folders are visible. In this example, “myfolder” and “mysubfolder” are there but empty.
This only affects some folders and there’s no visible pattern why this could happening.
It’s no server issue because using different clients (Cyberduck, iOS app), the folders are fine.

Has anybody seen this and knows a way to fix?

Server-OS: CentOS 7
NC Version: 24.0.6
NC Client version: 3.6.6 and 3.3.6

what about the settings/permissions of these certain folders? altered somehow? Are they located on a different machine, maybe even external?

you know you did give out some infos. But apparently it’s not enough. I’m afraid

Those permissions did not change, neither the filesystem acl nor in the NC permission settings.

What do you mean by “different machine”? Something like an NFS share? Then no, all files are hosted on the NC server.

and those files aren’t located in a kind of groupfolder neither? Or got uploaded by a third person with access to those folders?

I’m not sure if I follow. Like I wrote, it’s a group folder and folders inside this are visible but seem empty in the Windows client, although they are not.
Yes, this folder is shared with others so people change and upload files in there, but not outside of NC.

yeah sorry, you indeed wrote that but I got distracted.

Do you see this problem with ALL of your windows clients? Which Windows version are you running?
How many clients are affected? roundabout?
When did this problem happen for the first time? roughly?

No problem :slight_smile:

Yes, this is happening on all Windows clients. Windows Version 10 and 11.
I’d say about 6 clients, because not all are allowed to use the folder in the first place.
The problem seems to be happening since about 1-2 weeks, but I can’t say for sure. There was no event/change that could explain why this is happening since that, if that’s what you’re going for :wink:

maybe some automatic update/upgrade in the background?

anyways… it seems strange. Maybe you wanna try filing an issue on Issues · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub ?

Pls be very chatty about details they might ask you. Don’t forget to get as much info out as possible about all involved systems

I’ll have a look over there, thank you. Maybe someone reported this already. Had no idea that repo existed :man_facepalming:

it’s all good, though.

Yeah… maybe there’s ome similar problem… anyways. It would be nice if you’d re-link this existing or your new issue here as an answer

GitHub Issue created: [Bug]: Windows Desktop Client does not show folder content of some folders · Issue #5404 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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@JimmyKater So far no response on Github. Is there a way to put some attention on this issue?

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