Windows Desktop client group folder not synching (download)

Hi all,

I’ve got a strange behavior with some of my group folders.

The Windows Desktop Client is not downloading the content of a group folder but uploading new files (as I can see right away on the web gui).
Tried group folders with only 1 subfolder and permission group with users for it.

The client shows every folder (downwards too) in the client settings (so permissions are working).
If I check the box, the folder will download the latest content, but only once! So I’ve to uncheck and check the box 3 times a day or so. That’s not helpful.
Even if I hit “sync now” or “force sync” there’s no change aka download.
Only if I edit permissions as admin for the folder/group or hit the boxes it works once.

Do you have any idea?
Thanks a lot!

NC Client: 3.11 Windows 10/11
NC Server:

Looks like it’s a very old bug :astonished: