Windows Desktop Client - "Can not follow non https link on a https website."

After updating to Nextcloud 14 (don’t worry, planning to update more) I logged out of my desktop client on Windows 10 accidentally, and when going to log back in, got the following error:

"Security warning

Can not follow non https link on a https website. This might be a security issue.
Please contact your administrator."

Checking the configuration for my Nextcloud instance everything is https, including the nginx config which forces https connections. I’m using client version which I only updated too today.

The Nextcloud instance uses LDAP for authentication, but using LDAP or an app token, I get the same message when I hit “Grant Access”.

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May definitely be a client issue as downgrading to 3.1.2 got me authenticated no problems.

I got the same error. Where did you find the older version of the client?

Managed to dig them up here:

If you go up a level you can get the Mac versions if needed.

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Newer clients will only connect to non EOL versions of NC server. Not sure if this is already the case, but there have been news about that.
Please update your NC.

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