Windows Client: Use a proxy only for one connection

I’m using the Nextcloud Windows client for my home, self-hosted Nextcloud Server. Now i want to add another connection to a remote Nextcloud server within the same Windows Client but all traffic with this server should run through a proxy.

I saw the proxy section in the manual but as far as i understand, this will let all connections use the proxy.

Is there anything i could try to archive that? If not, is a feature request a good idea?


Hi aeronaut and welcome.

You are a pilot, a steward or a traveller?

Usually, you should have the option to use the system proxy settings.

Specifically, as a MS Win user you may read some howtos like:

Generally, the system proxy setup should ensure to ignore all local addresses including but not limited to the local NC server. However, one may choose to specify the proxy manually.

Obviously, you are correct the NC desktop ‘Network Window - specify the proxy manually’ option lacks such feature for the proxy settings and a feature request could be a good idea.

:bomb: Reporting issues

Hope this helps.

Hi TP75, thanks for your help. Unfortunately i’m not a pilot :smile: … in my scenario a connection to a local NC server without proxy is needed and to a remote NC server within a VPN tunnel (Nord). Maybe a proxy won’t be the solution to this as i now regocnized. And this is no NC issue, every other application would rely on system settings.

I guess some kind of VPN gateway (maybe on Raspi or BananaPi router board) and a virtual machine with NC client is needed, maybe both things in Docker would help too. Because there is no dual system configuration possible (proxy or gateway). I need to investigate this further.

The “pilot” question was just reflecting on the “aeronaut” and good to see the funny face emoji.

Not so easy and definitely a reason even more worth a feature request for the NC desktop app as new issue: introduce proxy settings to exclude certain hosts or networks #1583

Possible solution could be a local proxy server installed on the local machine which could be administered and would forward the traffic to the external NC server via the outer proxy while keeping internal traffic untouched.

Give the squid cache proxy a look:

Other options should be feasible and could be worth a trial but depend on the actual details of your setup.

Good luck.