Windows Client Sync extremely slow

i have the following problem annoying me:
we are using NC 24.0 with Windows Client 3.5.3 in a 5 User environment.
We have about 400.00 files with 1 TB space in 80.000 folders.
If i am deleting a file or 10 files it takes hours to show this updated situation to the collegues.
If a collegue of mine is uploading a file or folder it takes hours until i can see them.

Is this a normal situation?
Or do i have to conigure something extra for my environment?

Thanks for any reply!


You’ll need to post some details about your environment to answer that. Server hardware? Configuration? Bandwidth?

First of all: thank you very much for your time!

Server hardware is “big”, its a AMD EPYC with 32 Cores, 1 TB RAM and the NC is running as a VM with 8 Cores, 64 GB RAM, NVME Disc.
My config is: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, NGINX 1.23.1 with Redis 5.0.7, MariaDB 10.4.25 and PHP 7.4.30, NextCloud is (i had a 24.0.2 before and went back to my old setup - but no luck…)

My internet line is a “Glasfaser” 250 MBit from german Telekom.

Are these informations OK?
Do you need more infos?

Kind regards,

Maybe you can read Appendix: C: Troubleshooting. There is explained the part log files. Sorry i do not use the client. But perhaps you find logs and hints to solve your problem.

I think the data is uploaded directly by the first client and not seen by the second client for some reason (server side or i think maybe client side).

If you post a topic with the support tag, it prompts for some additional information about your setup. Of particular interest would be: the Nextcloud config file, the type of installation (docker, etc.), and Nextcloud and client log files.