Windows client app passwords link seems to be obsolete

When adding a new account to the current Windows desktop client, instead of entering user and password, the link above should allow to create a unique password for this client.

The links is:
It finally redirects to:
The page, where it should point to is:

Tested with Apache, Nginx and Lighttpd webserver and different configurations, so it doesn’t seem to be a webserver/PHP related issue.

Reading the links, it indeed looks like it just didn’t get updated after unified user and admin settings with NC13. Can maybe someone confirm this on a totally different system, just to be sure.

For reference:

More or less end user here. It works in the android client but I have the same issue on the desktop client.

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Thanks for reply, seems to be forgotten for the desktop client. I will open an issue on github:

EDIT: Issue has been solved meanwhile.