Windows Client 2.5.1 crashes on big directories


I am using Nextcloud already since a long time and so far without issues. But recently my client (after upgrading the client) got stuck on checking big directories.

Server: Unraid with Nextcloud-Docker
Client: Windows 10 with Nextcloud Client 2.5.1

Directory: MAny images including Adobe Lightroom Directory Structure (120GB, 20k folders, 40k files)

I anyhow had to reinstall my windows so I tested from scratch. Initial Sync is working, but any following sync not.

Please try to gather some logging information ( for a bug report on:

I don’t use docker.

I have succesfully synced about 100k files with 250 GB.

As mentioned, it was also working for me, but either it has something to do with the client or with Windows…

This is what I was able to capture:



can you log in into your NC box and execute

smartctl -a /dev/sda

(replace sda with the drive where your Nextcloud data files are stored)

All disks in the UnRaid Server are healthy.


Any other ideas?

Is there maybe a beta client vor Windows available?


Install the version 2.3.3 who is more stable.

Tell me if this issue get stopped.

I had to do that on a OS X and Linux client.

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Yes, you are right. First I tried to install the last 2.5 release. No success. Then I downgraded to the last 2.3 and now it is working again!!!

Many Thanks!